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Welcome to Grand Health Partners

Are you a victim of Weight Stigma or Weight Bias?  

Grand Health Partners works hard to understand you! According to The Rudd center for Food Policy & Obesity, despite increased attention to the obesity epidemic, little has been done to stop the bias and discrimination that children and adults with obesity face every day. The social consequences of obesity include discrimination in employment, barriers in education, biased attitudes from health care professionals, stereotypes in the media, and stigma in interpersonal relationships. All these factors reduce quality of life for a vast number of people with overweight and obesity and have immediate and long-term consequences for their emotional and physical health.

We know GHP patients face weight stigma and weight bias on a regular basis.  We are constantly implementing strategies to promote a respectful office environment for you. GHP offers an accessible and comfortable environment by providing large size gowns, wide examination tables, sturdy armless chairs and weight sensitive reading material in our waiting rooms.  All of our staff are regularly participate in Obesity Sensitivity Training.  Most importantly, GHP provides both topic and support groups to help you cope with weight stigma and weight bias.

GHP topic and support groups are a place for you to discuss the effects of weight bias.  Groups are led by trained behaviorists who are aware that weight stigma and weight bias makes you more vulnerable to depression and low self-esteem, less likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle change, and often leads to triggering unhealthy eating patterns that will impair your weight loss efforts.   Attending our groups gives you a place to belong and a place where you are understood.  Patients often say “GHP groups are one place I where I feel I am with others who completely get it”.  This group support is not only key to helping you manage the negative consequences of weight stigma but they are also key to ensuring your overall weight loss success.  If you would like to learn more about weight stigma and weight bias check out:

By: Lora Grabow, LMSW
GHP Behaviorist


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